Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

What one hand giveth, both hands taketh away

The greatest retail brand in India has declared war against high prices, with a sales promotion that gives 20% off on foodstuff, or, sa their ad says, on all daily essentials.

The catch?

“Offer valid on purchase of a minimum of Rs 400 worth of Apparel, Furniture & household items at Big Bazaar.”

And, “The amount of your daily essential's bill that is eligible for discount is equal to the amount you have spent on apparel, furniture and household items.”

And, “Offer vaid only at Food Bazaar stores located within Big Bazaar.”

And, “Both the purchases have to be made on the same day to avail of this offer.”

And, “Quantity restrictions apply, in cases of certain food items.”

There are some more, but the catch is pretty clear. This is essentially a 20% off on their hopeless apparel, furniture and household goods, transferred to the food bill. It's not a sales promotion on food at all!

So why do it in such a convoluted way?

By the way, the minimum purchase required was Rs 750 last weekend.

What's worse, the same store is running a furniture sale, with '21% to 51% off on entire range of furniture.'

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