Monday, 7 April, 2008

Secretary on call

Salesmen hate paperwork. Everyone does. But salesmen's hate hurts companies, because nobody at HQ has any idea about what's going on in the field.

Very soon salesmen will get super-smart PDAs linked to HQ via satellite, and then the bosses will be able to spy on the poor souls 24/7.

Till that happens, why not try something simple: Give them secretaries.

These secretaries will not travel with the salesmen, but sit at an office and take notes over the phone. For example, a medical representative will dictate, “It's 10.45 pm and I've just met Dr So-and-so of 123 XYZ Lane, ABC city. I have him 23 samples of PQR medicine and 2 thermos flasks.” His secretary would duly note this, and update all records.

Of course, secretaries may be shared between salesmen, just as customer care executives take care of multiple customers.

This way the salespeople will be on a telephonic leash, while not having to do any paperwork.

There will invariably be some problems, but isn't it an idea worth trying out?

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