Monday, 12 March, 2007

Get the Tourists Back

Here is very simple plan that can do much for tourism in any country, including ours.

No country, save peculiarities like Annadora, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg, can be truly explored in one visit Yet few – none to my knowledge - bother to invite visitors back. This when they know the visitors' contact details from his visa, and may even have a fair idea of where he's been to.

The simplest thing to do will be to ask for feedback once the visitor is back home (It's quite possible that the tourist won't return directly, but after seeing a few other places, so a reasonable gap may be allowed to lapse before this feedback communication is sent.)

This will be followed up, regardless of response, with a proper invitation to come back (the feedback would also include the invitation), with an offer for all sorts of brochures, CDs, and web links.

Perhaps they can make some offer on the visas, either waiving or discounting processing charges, or reducing the paperwork, or both. Our guess is that the gesture, if made with some genuineness, will do most the selling.

Not everyone will want to go back: You have one life and so many malls across the world. But there may be enough to make this worthwhile. The costs are minuscule, compared to advertising, PR and events. You're talking to people who have already sampled... not only raised their hands by voted with bums on aeroplane seats.

And countries can always swap lists. 'If you like Uzbekistan, you'll love Kyrgyzstan.'

Who is 'they'? They are the tourism boards of various countries, working with their embassies.

Any takers?


finding thyself said...

Interesting feedback mechanism for the tourism industry. Will do wonders if executed well!!

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