Tuesday, 1 December, 2009

Is Chomsky the world’s biggest hypocrite?

Professor Chomsky is brave, learned and respected by everyone but the right lunatic fringe.

Yet, for us from the Third World, he and all other Western scholars who refuse to equate capitalism with oligarchy and diplomacy with hegemony are hypocrites. Because all their truth telling seems to be in vain.

I just finished a book titled The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh. It has the president of USA bribing, lying, plotting assassinations and terrorist strikes, repeatedly placing personal interests above national ones and, of course, whoring.

The stories told in this book, and many such stories, have been around for decades. But they have led to no reform at all.

Were they told then to create an impression? Are all of them in a conspiracy of cacophony? "You keep screaming, we keep doing whatever we have been doing, and lecturing the world on freedom." 

That's ridiculous. But is it true?

PS: I was reading The Longest War by Dilip Hiro, on the Iran-Iraq war. At the end of the war, in an incident that Americans claim ended the war, the US Navy downed an Iranian civilian jet and killed all passengers and crew on broad. Apparently, in a Washington Post survey following this 'accident' 3 in 4 blamed Iran more than the US; and 3 in 5 rejected the suggestion that the families of the victims be compensated.

I am reading William Blum's Killing Hope. This states that following the infamous turkey shoot of Iraqis retreating from Kuwait, Bush's approval ratings shot up to 82%, his highest till then. If we assume that these ratings reflect reactions to news, then we can say that 4 in 5 Americans approved killing a retreating enemy (admittedly returning with loot) who had no way of defending themselves.

So, why were Americans so shocked and angry when Palestinians banged pots and pans on the Twin Towers bombing?

I am not defending the Palestinians' merriment, because it was callous and, for them, extremely brainless. Besides, most of my generation of my family live in the US. So, an attack on the US is an attack on my family.

But if I were American I'd not be surprised if many Muslims hated me.

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