Tuesday, 2 June, 2009

Because we are’ll mini magnates…

Why did Hitler become chancellor? Because the German magnates wanted a strong man instead of the rule of law. They used slave labour, rode the war economy, and generally dirtied their hands for Hitler’s sake and their own, and the rest of it.

Why do have goons and corrupt politicians? Because we prefer them to a real police and real laws.

A real police will close down unauthorised shops, including the ones on sidewalks that we are so fond of, will tug away our cars when we park in the middle of the road, will stop our servants – in fact, the entire blue-collar work force - from slumming on government land, and stealing electricity and water… even fine us for spitting!

Real law will make us pay taxes.

It’ll mean we should have the approvals and clearances we need to have.

It’ll mean competition, with its fairness and uncertainty, instead of bribes and nepotism.

Arbitrary, one-man ‘authorities’, who we can buy, work for us. That’s why we have them.  We’re all little magnates with our little Hitlers.

No wonder our 1,000-year reich is crashing.

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