Friday, 13 February, 2009

Putting it under the mattress will do the same

Kotak Life Insurance guarantees protection for your principle with its Unit Linked Life Insurance Plans. If I just want to protect my principle, keeping it at home is good enough. Fat lot of good it'll do when inflation is in double digits.  

But then Kotak Bank ran an ad saying that we'll need them as long as money doesn't grow on trees. 

Err, I always thought that one of the biggest reasons for wanting money was that it didn't grow on trees. I mean, if it grew on trees, we won't want it (just as we don't want, say, guava leaves). So banks will have to switch to giving us something less easily available, say, tadpoles.

Who approves these ads?

1 comment:

reshma said...

Perhaps in times like these when organizations disappear before you know it...putting it under the mattress would be a safer bet :)