Tuesday, 20 January, 2009

Obama lost?

Obama says, "In no other country on earth is my story even possible." What does he mean? Does he mean that in no country can a person from a previously enslaved minority reach its highest office? Will he please look at his backyard? 

So many countries in South America and the Caribbean have Indians, formally indentured labour, in high places, not to mention native Indians and mulattoes. Of course, blacks have moved up in politics throughout that region, but they are the majority in most cases. Nonetheless, these nations have undergone equal, if not more, change in race relations as the US. 

Let him recall Justice Marshall too, who rose to the US Supreme Court from segregation Here i assume 'country' is as much a function of geography as it is of history (When Obama says 'country', he means USA here and now.)

The moot point is somewhat deeper than a particular misstating of history by a person who should have known better, and who presumably knowing better, chooses to deliberately misinform. Americans surely have enough to be proud of in fact to need myths, especially when these myths can easily turn counterproductive by pushing pride to vanity. 

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